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    Certified Intuitive Energy Healing Transformational Coach.

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Hello and welcome

I’m glad that you found your way to my site.  Have fun looking around!  If you have any questions just shoot me over an email.

What Exactly Is Energy Healing?

That is a great question that I get asked a lot!

Simply put our bodies store distress of all forms as blockages in our energy fields that hinger our ability to be at our best.
Removing the blockages energetically allows the body to heal itself and allows the flow of energy to move unhindered.

Energy Healing can also help the body to recognize issues before they manifest into pain or disease in the body.

The fun part is that Energy Healing is not limited to the physical.  Situations, such as financial and relationship issues can also be resolved.

This is not limited to humans, our animal friends love and benefit greatly from being the recipients of Energetic Healing!

About me

I love seeing the changes in peoples lives that come about from that work that we do together!

What I can do for you

Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t always easy.  Removing unknown barriers can make the process easier and quicker.  Click here to read more!

Support For Addicts Loved Ones

Loving an addict is difficult.  Support is not always easy to find.  I decided to change that.  Click here to learn more

Energetic Healing Facilitation

Having been trained in several modalities I can offer you tailored sessions that fit you and your situation precisely.  Learn more by clicking here

Assistance With Your Pets

No leaving the four legged, two legged, furry, feathered, gilled or spiked loved ones out!  Animals respond amazingly well to Energy work.  Read more by clicking here

You should also know…

That there are free resources on the website that can help you out.  There is a downloadable PDF that offers immediate help for anxiety, an MP3 Mind Journey to help with your weight loss and several other MP3’s for various things.   You can find them on their corresponding pages!

Get in touch now

If you have any questions please email me at.   sue @ sue fellows.com        A bot has found the site. :(. They are sending hundreds of contact requests per day so the form below has been disabled for now.