30 Days of Abundance …. LIVE Daily Calls

What do you think that over 5 hours of focused work on your finances over 30 days could do? Shift your attitudes, clear some of blocks, experience shifts in your finances to name but a few!

Join me on the next 30 days of Live calls beginning October 7th, 2017. Calls will take place at 8pm EST !

Can’t make the live calls ? It’s OK …you will have 22 hours to listen to the replay after the original call.

30 Days of Live Daily Calls

For 30 days in a row I will be hosting a live call beginning on October 7, 2017

The daily calls will take place at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and last 10 minutes. That is 30 consecutive days totaling over 5 hours of intense, specific healing work on your financial situation!

If you can’t join us every day, that’s OK ~ join as many times as you can for the live calls and for the rest you will have 22 hours to listen to the posted replay

$129 for all 30 daily calls!