Support For Loved Ones of Addicts

If you love an addict, be it a family member or someone that you are in a relationship with, then you know that it takes a toll on you.  Being the recipient of the lies and the manipulations, having your hopes that they are finally changing crushed time and time again is depressing.

One thing that I have noticed is that there are not many places that offer support that is truly blameless available.  My intention is to do just that here.  The first Monday night of the month at 8pm EST I will be conducting a group call that is specifically for the folks who love an addict.

During these calls we will explore ways to keep you healthy, sane, and feeling supported.  There will be time for talking and time for some energetics that could help everyone.  Best of all these calls will not cost you a penny.

If you or someone you know loves an addict then I invite you to join me.

How to join the call:  Send me an email and I will give you directions on how to join us for FREE!   email